Welcome To Our Service

From the Heart Church Ministries of Tulsa is a part of From the Heart Church Ministries Worldwide™. As a result of the Reformation Message taught by our Founding Episcopal Pastor, the late Dr. John A. Cherry (1940 – 2019), a Focus Group was formed in Tulsa in 2001. The group met on Sundays and Wednesday to hear recorded messages by Dr. Cherry and on Fridays for Intercessory Prayer.

Dr. Cherry assigned our first pastor, Reverend Alfray Thomas, Jr., and his wife to Tulsa. From the Heart Church Ministries of Tulsa held its first Worship Service at a local hotel on July 14, 2002 with 17 people joining the church that day. The first Bible Study was held on September 3, 2002. In 2009 we moved to our current location and our first Worship Service was held there on May 3, 2009.

Our current pastor, Reverend Michael Langham, was installed as the pastor of the church by Dr. Cherry on January 11, 2015. Pastor Langham had been an active member of From the Heart Church Ministries of Tulsa since 2003 serving in several ministries and on the Board of Trustees. He and his wife also successfully completed an intensive pastoral training at the Parent Church.

Pastor and Sis. Langham are honored to co-labor in the Gospel with our worldwide ministry. Our faithful membership is committed to carrying out the Vision, Plan, and Motivation in Tulsa. Our church motto is A Family Church Where Love Abounds.